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Hey! I’m Matias Sanchez (pronounced muh-TEE-us), a 24-year-old writer of many things, better known (in Argentina, at least) for the Lloran Los Dioses novels. I’m also the creator, writer, editor, etc. of Fiction Notes.

Fiction Notes is a weekly newsletter providing you with essays, book recommendations and a few occasional rants on the topic of writing fiction. This includes:

  • How to craft good characters and create tension in a scene, or

  • how to plot a novel, or

  • what type of structure you should use for your book, or

  • how to edit your book into shape once you’re done with a first draft, and

  • what kind of coffee–and how much of it–you should drink.

In short: I’ll cover everything from "I want to write a novel!” to "Dear god I finished a novel, oh my god, I'm so happy whatdoIdowithit now?”

I also write about the habits, routines, dos and don’ts of the life of a (somewhat) professional fiction writer.

So subscribe! It’s interesting, useful and only sometimes infuriating.

PS: Did I mention it’s free?

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